Enhanced Care Facility

The Enhanced Care Facility (ECF) is an Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) licensed, community-based residential program serving 16 people. Enhanced Care is designed to provide 24-hour supervision and support to eligible individuals who experience challenging behaviors and psychiatric symptoms. Nursing care is available and provider staff are always present to assist residents. Yamhill County HHS staff are on-site to offer behavioral health services and support 10 hours per day, seven days a week.

Behavioral Health Services provided to residents at the Enhanced Care Facility include:

  • 24-hour mental health crisis coverage
  • Assessment, service planning, individual therapy, consultation, and transition planning for service conclusion
  • Daily group skills training activities focusing on socialization, symptom management, recreation and structuring of leisure time, physical health and fitness, and spiritual expression
  • Development of individualized behavioral support plans
  • Individual case management and skills training including assistance with money management, establishing positive community contacts, nutritional education, and community safety awareness
  • Medication management by a licensed medical practitioner
  • Ongoing training for provider staff to help ensure continued quality services
  • Participation in and facilitation of weekly treatment team meetings
  • Psycho-educational groups

These services are in addition to the medical and personal care services provided by facility staff.

In order to be eligible for Enhanced Care Services, an individual must:

  • Be determined by Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) to be financially and service-eligible for community-based care.
  • Currently be exhibiting two or more of the following: self-endangering behavior, aggressive behavior, intrusive behavior, intractable psychiatric symptoms, medication needs, sexually inappropriate behavior, and/or elopement behavior.
  • Currently, be or have been a patient at Oregon State Hospital or have received in-patient services in an acute psychiatric unit for over 14 days.
  • Have a history of multiple APD placements due to challenging behavior.
  • Have been referred to non-enhanced APD facilities and denied admission due to serious mental illness with challenging behavior.
  • Meet the diagnostic criteria of severe mental illness with challenging behaviors or be approved by the Enhanced Care Services Team.
  • Require intensive community mental health services to transition to a lower level of care.

Individuals served in Enhanced Care Programs may have a guardian, be civilly committed, or on a trial visit. Individuals with full capacity to consent to treatment may be admitted voluntarily as authorized by the Statewide Enhanced Care Coordinator.

Please contact the ECF Program Coordinator at 503-474-4146 or the Statewide Enhanced Care Coordinator at 503-947-5537 if you have questions about eligibility or would like assistance with referring someone to the Enhanced Care Facility.