Mental Health Programs

Mental Health Outreach

Yamhill County has created Crisis Intervention Teams to respond where necessary to identify and evaluate people who get arrested or who are in jail with mental health issues, who would be better served by treatment rather than incarceration. These people get mental health assessments at booking, and for those who qualify, we work to get them out of jail and into treatment options so they don't spend any more time in jail than is absolutely necessary. The Criminal Justice team, and Yamhill County Behavioral Health work to provide mental health resources while they are confined.

This is a proactive program where we explore alternatives to prison by having a Deputy District Attorney assigned to explore options for alternatives to jail, make early recommendations to the Court and work with defense counsel so people don't linger in jail when there are better available alternatives equipped to meet their needs.

Court Coordinated Services - Mental Health Court for the Community

This treatment program is designed to assist those finding themselves involved in the criminal justice system and presenting with significant mental health issues. It involves bringing community services to these individuals to aid them in stabilizing their mental health and their lives.