Restaurant Licensing

Depending on the type of restaurant or unit you have, you will need to provide Public Health with a license application, a plan review application, and license fee. See the Licensing and Plan Review Fees (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024) (PDF) for more information on fees.

Each license expires on December 31 each year. They must be renewed except for temporary licenses.

For Permanent Restaurants

For Temporary, Intermittent, & Seasonal Restaurants

  • A Temporary Restaurant includes a single food booth at an event, a community event with 4 or more vendors or a food booth for a non-profit.
  • Intermittent Temporary Restaurant is a food operation at a specific location in connection with multiple public events having different oversight organizations, at least two events arranged by different organizations. Examples: Rose Festival and Blues Festival. The location must remain the same and the menu is not altered. This license expires after 30 days.
  • Seasonal Temporary Restaurant is a food operation at a specific location in connection to an event arranged by one oversight organization. The location remains the same and the menu is not altered. Examples: Farmers market or Little League. This license expires after 90 days.
  • Temporary Restaurant License Application (PDF)

For Mobile Units (Food Trucks/Carts)

Questions to ask yourself if you need to apply for a new license or renew your license for a Mobile Unit:

  • Does the food cart have clear markings identifying your business name and the name of the unit?
  • Does the water system work?
    • Is it pumping water and
    • providing at least 100°F water at the hand washing and dishwashing sinks? If it is over 100°F, it must be able to be reduced to 100°F.
  • Has the freshwater tank been cleaned and sanitized?
  • Are the freshwater and grey water tanks holding water?
  • Is the food unit able to be secured, and facilities protected from contamination?
  • Are all parts of the food unit operations integral to the cart (not stored off the cart)?
  • Have you provided a route or plan of operation to Yamhill County Public Health?
  • Has your menu changed from the time you last operated? If your menu has changed, please provide a new menu to Yamhill County Public Health for your file.

For New Mobile Units

Please mail or hand deliver the completed plan review, license application, and payment to:
Yamhill County Public Health
412 NE Ford Street
McMinnville, OR

If you have any questions please call 503-434-7525.

Exempt Foods

Certain food are exempt from licensing by Yamhill County Public Health. See a full list of these exempt foods (PDF).