Personal Support Worker (PSW) Resources


Personal Support Workers (PSWs) support and assist eligible individuals with I/DD with different activities of daily living including but not limited to personal care, household tasks, and being active in the community. PSWs are Medicaid providers with the State of Oregon through DHS and provide support in the individual's home and/or community. PSWs are hired and managed by Common Law Employers and sign up to provide services through the case management entity where the individual receives services.

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Common Law Employer (CLE)

Previously known as an Employer of Record, the CLE is typically the individual, their family member, the individual's legal guardian, the individual's legally designated representative, or an advocate in their life who is employing PSWs. They maintain hire/fire authority and direct the care the individual with I/DD receives. In addition, the CLE must sign off on any services delivered reports, time sheets, or invoices verifying that the time worked as reported by the PSW was indeed for the authorized services received.

Requirements & Process to Become a PSW

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Complete and submit a provider application - once processed you will receive a provider number
  • Complete and submit an employee information packet - provided by PPL via mail
  • Complete and submit an eXPRS user enrollment form - the state will send you a secure email with a temporary login and password for eXPRS
  • Have a valid ID (state ID, driver's license, passport)
  • Pass a background check - contact Yamhill County Human Resources to schedule at 503-474-4901 or email Human Resources

All documents must be received by Yamhill County CDDP to initiate the enrollment process:

  • Review and sign Provider Service Agreement - can be obtained from the Service Coordinator after all other steps are complete
  • Attend mandatory online state PSW class within 90 days of becoming a PSW through Carewell SEIU 503

PSWs must renew credentialing every two years through the same process. Please contact the Yamhill County DD office and request a PSW enrollment packet.

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