Health & Human Services


Yamhill County Health and Human Services (HHS) provides publicly funded behavioral health, developmental disabilities, and public health services to all residents of Yamhill County. Through a combination of providing direct services and system coordination and development, HHS strives to enhance community health and safety in every part of the county.

HHS Mission

Yamhill County Health and Human Services promotes the public's physical, emotional, and social well-being through services, prevention, education, and partnerships.

HHS Values

Excellence - We advocate for, develop, and provide high-quality programs, services, and information; we are dedicated to the highest standard and integrity in the stewardship of all resources.

  • Community Focus - We demonstrate a commitment to community wellness; we promote a collaborative environment that encourages independence, health, and safety.
  • Equity and Diversity - We provide opportunities for all people to reach their full potential; we appreciate diversity within our community and workplace and recognize the value it brings to serving people.
  • Collaboration - We treat individuals with courtesy and value their contributions; we work collaboratively with individuals, families, and communities to strengthen our efforts toward fulfilling our mission.
  • Communication - We demonstrate effective, responsive, and timely communication to promote a healthy, inclusive community.
  • Continuous Improvement - We make quality an ongoing focus; we continuously assess and monitor individual, family, organizational, and community needs.

Trauma-Informed Care

Experiencing a trauma can change the way an individual perceives the world. Whether it is a single event (such as natural disaster, a fire, or an automobile accident) or a more complex trauma (like prolonged exposure to abuse, attachment issues, or community violence), a youth or adult's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can be impacted and filtered through this perspective.

Yamhill County HHS provides trauma-sensitive services for clients and family members who are supporting those receiving services. This begins with an initial screening and assessment and continues by utilizing strategies and staff approaches to promote a culture of care that is trauma-informed and person-centered.

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