PASRR Evaluations

Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) is a federally required component of the state Medicaid program intended to ensure that nursing facility residents with serious mental illness are identified, appropriately placed, and provided with the services they need.

Our program provides PASRR level II evaluations and reviews to verify diagnosis, determine the most appropriate service setting, and facilitate specialized services as needed. The PASRR evaluator may also provide referrals and linkage to other support services (such as outpatient mental health, chemical dependency services, the senior peer counseling program, and adult protective services).

PASRR services are typically requested by hospitals or the nursing facility where the individual resides.

If you have questions about PASRR or need additional information, please contact the PASRR evaluator at 971-241-4794. You can also call the statewide PASRR Level II Program Coordinator at 503-990-1749.