Behavior Support Services

Behavior Support Services (BSS) are available to eligible individuals as part of the Medicaid-funded Home and Community-Based Care Waiver. The program is designed to help people receiving care attain and maintain an optimal level of emotional and social functioning. Services are provided by specially trained "Behavior Consultants" utilizing a model of Positive Behavior Support. BSS focuses on developing support within the person's environment and improving interactions with caregivers in order to address:

  • Adaptive skills
  • Challenging behaviors
  • Cognitive processing
  • Communication skills
  • Impulse control
  • Self-help activities

The goal of Behavior Support Services is to reduce the frustration, injuries, stress, unsuccessful placements, and concerns that can be present when individuals who have persistent and challenging behaviors are not provided the support that they and their caregivers need.

Behavior Consultants focus on changes that can be made by the caregiver or within the person's environment. Using observation, interviews, and environmental assessments the Behavior Consultant completes a Person-Centered Evaluation and develops a Behavior Support Plan to help caregivers create or maintain a positive relationship with the person they serve. The Behavior Consultant then teaches caregivers how to carry out and revise the Behavior Support Plan through individual coaching, group training, and modeling.

Medicaid-eligible individuals who are receiving Home and Community Based Care Waiver 1915c services (and their caregivers) are eligible for BSS if they have one or more of the following needs:

  • Individual's Assisted Living Facility, Residential Care Facility, Adult Foster Home, or in-home agency provider is requesting assistance to address behaviors that are disruptive to other residents or challenging for caregivers.
  • Existing behavior plan for an individual has been identified as inadequate, not used, or ineffective.
  • Individual has received or will receive a move-out notice due to challenging behaviors.
  • Individual is in a new placement and has had a recent unsuccessful placement due to challenging behaviors.
  • Individual has been assigned a special rate to support caregivers who are expected to implement a behavior plan.
  • Individual is receiving as-needed (PRN) psychotropic medications for specific behavior but there is no behavior plan in place to augment the medication plan.

Services are authorized on a case-by-case basis by NorthWest Senior and Disability Services. Contact the client's NWSDS case manager to make a request for BSS. Once approved, a BSS consultant will coordinate with caregivers to begin the process. Local NWSDS office information can be found under the Contact Us column. Please call to initiate a referral, or if you have any questions/concerns about BSS. You can also visit the Behavior Support Services of Oregon's website.