Older Adult Peer Outreach for Depression & Substance Use (O-PODS)

Older Adult Peer Outreach for Depression and Substance Use (O-PODS) is available to Yamhill County residents aged 60 or older who are experiencing mild to moderate depression or a substance use disorder concern. The goal of this program is to reduce substance use and depression in older adults in Yamhill County. 

In-person screenings and support are provided by Older Adult Outreach Peers.  These staff are qualified Traditional Health Workers (Peer Support Specialists, Peer Wellness Specialists and/or Certified Recovery Mentors) who meet with individuals in various community settings (including nursing facilities, assisted livings, adult foster homes, and individuals’ homes). 

Screenings for substance use issues and/or depression are completed, and then follow up support or referrals are offered as indicated.

Older Adult Outreach Peers may provide up to 8 visits to support individuals and, if desired, assist with utilizing BRITE (Brief Intervention & Treatment for Elders) or Behavioral Activation models to address substance use or depression.  Depending on individual needs & preferences, the Older Adult Outreach Peers may also connect clients with community resources and/or local peer run organizations. If appropriate, the Older Adult Outreach Peer and the Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist can assist with referrals to more intensive services. 

Individuals who could benefit from O-PODS may be identified and referred by anyone in the community (family members, service agencies, primary care, friends, faith-based organizations, or themselves).

For more information about these services, please see the O-PODS Brochure (PDF).  You can also contact the Older Adult Outreach Peers at opods@yamhillcounty.gov or call the Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist at 503-474-6853.  

To make a referral, please complete the brief Referral Form (PDF) and send it to opods@yamhillcounty.gov.