Acute Hospitalization Screenings

Voluntary Psychiatric Hospitalization

When individuals are experiencing mental health symptoms that cause them to be imminently dangerous to themselves or others or unable to care for their basic needs, voluntary psychiatric hospitalization services can be arranged through our crisis support teams for individuals with the Oregon Health Plan or who are non-insured.

Involuntary Hospitalization - Commitment Services

Oregon law allows a person to be treated for a mental illness against their will if they are experiencing an emotional disturbance and are imminently dangerous to themselves or others or are unable to care for their basic needs. To be committed, a person must be found to meet the above standards in a court hearing, where critical information is presented in the form of testimony in front of a judge and the person considered for commitment.

We assist families, friends, or agencies in determining whether a person meets the legal criteria for involuntary commitment to treatment. We will provide:

  • Consultation with relatives, friends, the community, social service agencies, and law enforcement regarding involuntary commitment
  • Hospital screening and crisis intervention 24 hours a day at clinics or hospital emergency rooms
  • Information regarding alternatives to commitment
  • Liaison to the Court and psychiatric units

Emergency Contacts

  • For imminent threats, call 911 and seek assistance from the police.
  • For urgent situations, contact Yamhill County Adult Mental Health at 503-434-7523 or call the 24-hour crisis line at 844-842-8200.