Criminal Justice & Diversion Services

Yamhill County Health and Human Services (YCHHS) offers Jail Diversion services for those who are involved with the criminal justice system due to their mental illness. There are several entry points for jail diversion services:

Yamhill County Jail

YCHHS has assigned staff in the jail seven days a week. These staff assist the jail with mental health safety evaluations and protections, along with making referrals to other HHS treatment teams/services. Those wanting to enter other YCHHS services as they leave the jail can have a door-to-door process arranged. 

Court Services

Sometimes Community Outreach Services (COS) or Jail therapists are made aware of a person who is severely mentally ill and needs a higher level of care. In these instances, specially trained staff work to identify options for jail diversion, which may include Aid and Assist (a court-ordered sentence for mental health treatment, most often at Oregon State Hospital) or pre-civil commitment. YCHHS Diversion staff work closely with legal systems to assist in these legal processes, while evaluating and attempting to locate the lowest level of care for the individual’s health and safety. 

Case Management and Peer Support

Sometimes individuals with severe mental illness struggle with navigating the complex legal system. Jail Diversion Case Management or Peer Support can come alongside and help with identifying next steps, creating a plan, communicating with legal teams, the courts or DA’s office, along with locating resources or needed supports such as housing, food stamps, treatment services, medications, and more. People are usually referred to case management or forensic peer support by their YCHHS treatment providers, the courts, or COS staff. These services are voluntary.

Community Courts

YCHHS Jail Diversion team attends local Community Courts and Mental Health Court in hopes of identifying and assisting people struggling with legal charges due to their mental illness.  Courts may refer people they identify as struggling with mental illness to Jail Diversion staff; participation with Jail Diversion staff is voluntary.