Crisis Respite


Crisis respite services provide short-term, voluntary supports to help a person stabilize, resolve problems, and connect with additional supports after experiencing a mental health-related crisis. Respite services are a community-based alternative to psychiatric hospitalization, or as a step-down from higher levels of care. Respite occurs in a supportive environment, away from everyday stressors that may impact an individuals' road to recovery and wellness. Yamhill County currently has 2 housing sites for adults and 1 housing site for youth that need crisis respite services. 

PAC Center

The Peer-Assisted Crisis (PAC) Center provides 24-hour support in a voluntary setting for eligible individuals experiencing psychiatric crises in Yamhill County. PAC offers a comfortable, non-institutional, and recovery-focused environment to support individuals in achieving psychiatric stabilization within the community as an alternative to the emergency department, acute care, or jail. The program is also intended for individuals stepping down from acute care or state hospitalization who require additional support for a successful transition back to the community. The program is managed by the Adult Behavioral Health division.


Bridges is a 7-unit crisis and respite-supported housing site. It is designed to assist people in gaining or maintaining stability in their mental health by providing short-term, wrap-around support and medication management. Our respite clients are provided with a safe, supportive place to practice symptom management skills and learn new skills. Length of stay is from a day or two and up to a month. We have one unit designated for longer term which is 18 months.

The referrals for Bridges come from our Crisis Assessment Team and they determine whether a client meets eligibility criteria or not. Many of these individuals are currently enrolled in Adult Behavioral Services but some who come to us, are not. If they are not receiving services from us, we quickly work on getting them enrolled in services. 

Rainbow Lodge

Yamhill County Family and Youth partners with Catholic Community Services to provide short term respite at Rainbow Lodge for youth who are in foster care, enrolled in wrapround, receiving mental health services, or as a way to prevent hospitalization. The Lodge offers these youth, ages 6-17, an opportunity to reflect on past trauma and focus on the future in a peaceful setting and develop skills. It also offers much needed time away from the daily routines and challenges of growing up in the foster care/behavioral care system or managing daily stressors. 

Rainbow Lodge Flyer (PDF) 

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