Intensive In-Home Behavioral Health Treatment


Intensive In-Home Behavioral Health Treatment (IIBHT) is a team based treatment model that offers a combination of services and supports delivered in a community based setting. IIBHT provides intensive and individualized care to youth who have complex mental health/behavioral health needs, and offers support the youth and family in a natural environment. The goal of IIBHT is to successfully maintain the youth in the home or reintegrate back into the home.


  • Youth age 0-20, who are enrolled in Oregon Health Plan (OHP)
  • Meet medical necessity for this treatment, as determined by a mental health assessment. Typically includes one or more of the following:
    • Multiple mental health diagnoses
    • Significant impacts on multiple life domains
    • Significant safety risk to self or others
    • At-risk of out of home placements
    • Transitioning back home from residential placement

What to Expect

When referred to IIBHT, a family can expect the following:

  1. The youth and caregiver will receive an in-depth mental health assessment. The assessment includes pre- and post-screening tools.
  2. The youth and caregiver will receive an orientation to IIBHT, in order to understand the roles and expectations of this treatment.
  3. A Crisis/Safety Plan will be created by the youth/caregiver and treatment team. This plan identifies strategies to prevent emergency situations, warning signs and strategies to deescalate, and the use of natural and formal supports. 
  4. A Service Plan will be created by the youth/caregiver that is used as a roadmap to recovery. This plan is individualized, addresses needs identified in the mental health assessment (1), and is consistent with principals that are family driven/youth guided. The Service Plan will also designate times/locations for services that are convenient for the family. Services must be in person for a minimum of four hours per week.
  5. Treatment Reviews that occur every 30 days
  6. A Transition Plan will be created for continued success after the completion of the treatment. 
  1. Family & Youth Services

    Physical Address
    420 NE 5th Street
    McMinnville, OR 97128

    Experiencing a crisis? Please call 844-842-8200.

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