Safe Medication Disposal

It's important to get rid of household medications properly when you are done with them or when they expire.

Find a safe medication disposal site in Yamhill County (PDF).

Do not flush medications down the toilet or dump them down a drain. Sewage and water treatment plants cannot filter out all medications from the water and are then released into lakes, rivers, or oceans and even our drinking water. Even minor amounts of medication can enter the environment, contaminate drinking water, and affect people and wildlife. 

Medications should not be thrown in the trash or landfill as they can be eaten by animals or taken by another person that was not prescribed them. Always dispose of your medications safely!

Not able to get to a safe disposal site?

When you can’t access one of the safe disposal locations, do not flush your medicine and do not give it to friends or family to dispose for you. Follow the steps below to put it in the trash:

1.    Remove from the original container (make sure you remove the label or cross out any identifying information).

2.    Mix with something that can’t be eaten, like kitty litter, coffee grounds, sawdust,  home cleanser, etc.

3.    Place the mixture in a sealable bag, empty can, or other durable container that prevents leakage.

4.    Wrap the container in a newspaper or a plain brown bag to conceal its contents.  Place it in your trash the day your trash is collected.

Mail-back envelopes can be purchased from some pharmacies. These allow you to put your medication in a specially marked envelope and mail it directly to a safe disposal site. Ask your pharmacist for additional information. You can also order mail-back supplies from Med Take Back Oregon.