Tobacco Prevention & Education

90 Percent of Smokers Started Smoking by the Age of 18Tobacco use is the number one leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States. In addition, over 90% of adult smokers said they started smoking before age 18.

In 2019, 33.4% of Oregon 11th graders reported using a flavored e-cigarette in their lifetime. With the development of e-cigarette and vape devices, youth smoking rates are increasing, giving rise to the importance of preventing youth from initiating in tobacco use.

The goal of the Tobacco Prevention and Education Program is to reduce tobacco-related diseases and deaths in Yamhill County by:

  • Assisting those wanting to create tobacco-free environments and communities
  • Preventing youth from initiating tobacco use
  • Supporting tobacco users to quit
  • Reducing the influence of tobacco product marketing

Yamhill County's Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP) provides education and technical assistance to those interested in promoting smoke-free or tobacco-free places such as work sites, parks, college campuses, housing complexes or outdoor venues. Please email the Yamhill County Tobacco Prevention and Education Program Coordinator if you have any questions or would like to request assistance.

Tobacco's Effects on Yamhill County in One Year

  • 216 people die from tobacco use
  • 6,480 people suffer serious illness caused by tobacco use
  • 13,800 adults regularly smoke cigarettes (17% of Yamhill County residents)
  • Over $38.2 million is spent on medical care for tobacco-related illnesses
  • Over $34.0 million in productivity is lost due to premature tobacco-related deaths

See the full 2019 Yamhill County Tobacco Fact Sheet (PDF) with more details on how tobacco affects our community.

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