Psychiatric Medicine

The use of medications in the treatment of mental illness has seen significant advances over the past half century. As in most similar clinics, specialized psychiatric prescription of these medications is one of the treatment modalities offered at the Yamhill County Adult Behavioral Health Clinics.

Psychiatric evaluation and medication management at Adult Behavioral Health is provided by Psychiatric Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. All of these professionals have completed rigorous training programs followed by years of clinical experience. All are duly licensed to practice in the state of Oregon.

These medical professionals adhere to high ethical standards. Treatment tends to be conservative and based on well accepted medical standards and research. Treatment is holistic, meaning that it is focused not only on medications, but also takes into account the social, employment, and relationship circumstances of each individual. Person-centered services are provided in partnership with each individual served.

Consultation is maintained with other treatment team members who provide psychotherapy, case management, supported housing, skills training, vocational support, and peer delivered services. When approved by the client, family consultation and participation may be requested. It is not uncommon for emotional and physical illness to overlap. For this reason coordination of care is maintained with each individual's primary care physicians as authorized by the person being served.

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