Office Overview

Brad Berry has been Yamhill County's elected District Attorney since 1996. His office is responsible for prosecution of state level crimes committed in Yamhill County.

The Yamhill County District Attorney's office has 31 staff members, including 11 appointed Deputy District Attorneys.

Divisions in the District Attorney's Office Include

Criminal Prosecution

The District Attorney's Office is the sole prosecutor of felony crimes and handles most misdemeanor crimes in Yamhill County. There are 9 Deputy District Attorneys who handle felony and misdemeanor cases.

Misdemeanor Unit

This unit has two assigned Deputy District Attorneys to prosecute most misdemeanor cases that are committed in Yamhill County.

Felony Unit

This unit has seven assigned Deputy District Attorneys and includes specialized prosecution of domestic violence and child abuse crimes.

Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Division has an assigned Deputy District Attorney to prosecute juvenile delinquency cases. This Deputy District Attorney works with the Yamhill County Juvenile Department to protect the community from delinquent behavior committed by juveniles.

Child Support Enforcement Division

The Support Enforcement Division is responsible for representing the State in establishing, modifying, and enforcing child support orders. This division has an assigned Deputy District Attorney who handles legal matters associated with these cases.

Victim Services

Crime Victim Services has a Director, Supervisor, and three Crime Victim Advocates. This division works to ensure that victims of crime are informed of their rights and given a meaningful role in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Crime Victim Advocates are assigned in all criminal cases where there is an identified victim.