What a District Attorney Does

Brad and Sarah-Mary BethThe sole purpose of a District Attorney is to seek the truth and pursue justice under the law in criminal matters within our jurisdiction. District Attorney is the title given to elected prosecutors in Oregon. In some states elected prosecutors are referred to as Prosecuting Attorneys, Solicitors States Attorney, Commonwealth Attorneys, and Attorney Generals, among others.

Under the law, District Attorneys have many responsibilities in addition to seeking the truth and pursuing justice. District Attorneys work on behalf of the people of State of Oregon. Under the law, we must protect the constitutional and legal rights of both those accused of committing crimes as well as victims of crime.

We encourage you to take a few moments and review the video on this page. This short video can help you better understand the role of the District Attorney in Oregon and across the country. The more you know about YOUR criminal justice system, the better it is for our community.